Te Awamutu High Voltage Cable Project

We’re making big improvements to our network in Te Awamutu.

Our project to upgrade high voltage cables will ensure our community gets a reliable power supply for many years to come.

What’s happening

The underground cables were installed in 1966 and are in need of an upgrade to make sure our community in Te Awamutu and surrounds have a reliable power supply. Starting from 28 May 2024, we’ll begin work to install new 11kV underground power cables along Racecourse Road.

This work involves directional drilling and trenching in the berm, footpath and carriageway.  We anticipate minimal disruption to property access or from noise.

Our traffic management teams will be running a one-way lane closure during the day along Racecourse Road between Mangapiko St and Factory Road. Any detours will be clearly sign-posted.

We appreciate your patience while we carry out this important work for the community.


Where it all started

1966: Check out the original underground cables laid in Te Awamutu along Racecourse Road. They’ve done a great job for almost 60 years, but now it’s time for a much-needed upgrade to service our community.

These cables cross Racecourse Road bridge and lead back toward Te Awamutu Town. They light up the streets and also connect to the Te Awamutu substation. They are definitely cables fit for many purposes servicing a population of about 5,000 back in 1966 to a population of about 13,500 now.

Project Timeline

August 2022: We’re planning for the future. Te Awamutu and the surrounding areas are growing! New 11,000-volt infrastructure is needed, so we’ve developed a plan to install this along Racecourse Road between Mangapiko Street and Factory Road. The map shows where this work will be carried out.

2022-2023: We’ve been gathering consents from central and local government and working with Mana Whenus to ensure everything is ready to go before we get started.

Winter 2023: We have been updating poles throughout the Winter to make sure the surrounding infrastructure is up-to-date and ready to go before our major project work gets underway.

May 2024: Retailers have been sending out notices to advise if properties will have any impact on their power supply while project work gets underway. Our team and contractor, Bayonne, have also been meeting with impacted neighbours on the sections where we are working.

June 2024: We’re working on the reserves and completing excavation and underground thrusting work to the side of Racecourse Road, through to Factory Road and Tawhio Street. We’ve been meeting with neighbouring property owners, residents and businesses to keep everyone in the loop while we complete this next stage of work.

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Got a question?

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