Capital Contributions

Capital Contributions

When a customer connection, either new or existing, requires a Network extension, upgrade, or reconfiguration, there is a cost in carrying this out. A capital contribution is an amount we require from the customer towards the cost of the work. In most cases, this will be the full cost of carrying out the work necessary. The principle behind this charge is that we believe that the cost of the work should be borne by the party requesting the work rather than the customer base as a whole.

To view our full Capital Contribution Policy, you can click here.

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Quote Fee

Providing a quote for a network extension or upgrade takes considerable resources for our Projects Planning team to prepare. Sometimes, quotes are provided for work or options that ultimately don’t proceed. This is why from 1 May 2022, we are introducing a Quote Fee to ensure these costs are recovered whether or not a capital contribution job proceeds.  This fee is offset against the job costs should the quote be accepted within six months of issue.  Current fees are listed in the table below.

New Connection Fee

In addition to the Capital Contribution payment, customers may be required to pay a New Connection Fee. New and upgraded connections to our network have historically been charged only for the work needed to provide the physical connection and load requirements but not for the increased demand on our overall network. The overall network costs have been charged to all customers, including those already connected. By introducing a connection fee, customers who generate additional demand on our network via a new connection or connection upgrade will contribute to the additional network load.

The New Connection Fee may vary depending on the type and size of the connection required.

Please note that the Capital Contribution payment and New Connection Fee are separate charges and may apply in addition to any other fees or charges associated with connecting to our electricity network. More information on the New Connection Fee is available here.

If you have any questions about Capital Contributions or New Connection Fees, please contact us.



Schedule of Fees (inc GST)

Fee Type Amount Application
Quote Fee $1,000 For initial quote providing up to two options.
$ 500 For any additional option or requote requested.
New Connections Admin Fee $172.50 All new connection and upgrade applications
Standard Connection $2,372, excluding GST
  • The new standard rate for connections less than 70kva is $2,372, excluding GST.
  • The fee will be charged and must be paid before your Retailer confirms your connection is approved.
Non-Standard Connection $34 per kva
  • Non-standard connections are ones where the requested load is greater than or equal to 70kva and/or 3-phase 160A for new and upgraded connections.
  • In these cases, the new connection fee is $34 per kva. For example, a 1500kva connection would be charged a Connection Fee of 1500 x $34 = $51,000. This is in addition to any capital contribution costs for the physical connection.