Capital Contributions

When a customer connection, either new or existing, requires a Network extension, upgrade, or reconfiguration then there is a cost in carrying this out. A capital contribution is the amount Waipa Networks requires from the customer towards the cost of the work. In most cases this will be the full cost of carrying out the required work. The principle behind this charge is that Waipa Networks believes that the cost of the work should be borne by the party requesting the work rather than the customer base as a whole.

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Quote Fee

To provide a quote for a network extension or upgrade takes considerable resource for our Projects Planning team to prepare and in some instances quotes are provided for work or options that ultimately don’t proceed. This is why from 1 May 2022 we are introducing a Quote Fee to ensure these costs are recovered whether or not a capital contribution job proceeds.  This fee is offset against the job costs should the quote be accepted within 6 months of issue.  Current fees are listed in the table below.

Network Development Fee

While a Capital Contribution covers the cost of the works required to provide the physical connection and load requirements for a new or upgraded connection, it does not cover the cost of increased demand on the Network upstream. This upstream cost has traditionally been borne by existing customers which is unfair and so from 1 July 2022 we are introducing a Network Development Fee.  The fee is dependent on the type of connection and is detailed below.  The applicable fees will be included in any capital contributions quote provided and are payable upon acceptance of the quote. To view our information brochure flick here (pdf): Network Development Fee July 2022

(Note – current lead times for quotations are 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the work.  Any quotations or re-quotations issued from 1 July 2022 will include the Network Development fee even if the application was received before this date).

New Connection Administration Fee

All new connection applications require payment of a New Connection Administration Fee.  This covers the cost of an initial site visit and processing of the application including any regulatory and administration requirements for establishing an ICP.  The fee is detailed below.

Schedule of Fees (inc GST)

Fee Type Amount Application
Quote Fee $1000 For initial quote providing up to two options.
$500 For any additional option or requote requested.
Network Development Fee $3,134 Standard Single Phase Point of Connection
$9,403 Standard Two or Three Phase Point of Connection
$208.95 Non-standard Point of Connection per kVA
New Connections Admin Fee $172.50 All new connection and upgrade applications