Information for Electricity Retailers and Service Providers.

Information for Electricity Retailers & Service Providers

The information on this page is of use to Electricity Retailers and service providers only.  Customers click here.


Waipa Networks provides Lines Function Services to customers throughout the Waipa area.  We do not have a direct conveyance agreement with customers (other than one large commercial customer) with all new customers being connected via an interposed agreement with their Retailer.  Standard Use of system>

Retail Contracting Services

We offer full Retail Contracting Services including Reconnects, Disconnects, New Connections, Metering, and Site Investigations.  Our rates are very competitive.  Please click for the latest schedule of our standard charges (individual contracts may vary).  Service requests can be e-mailed to or phoned to 07 870 2000.

Pricing Roadmap

Our pricing transition from legacy price plans to more cost-reflective pricing.

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Price Plan Guide

Price plan combinations permitted for Waipa Networks.

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Lines Charges

Information about line charge prices.

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Use of System / Distribution Agreement

Use of System / Distribution Agreements for Retailer use of the Network to supply Retail electricity customers.

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Registry details information available.

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New Connections

The process to follow for new connections to home, farm or business; or to upgrade existing supply.

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Distributed Generation

Info about equipment that is connected to Waipa Networks Ltd (WNL) system

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Network Connection Standards

A collection of Network Connection Standards which govern customer use of our Network.

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Design Manual

Ensuring that the Company’s network is designed and built using best industry practices.

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Trees and Power Lines

The Waipa region has plentiful trees… and power lines. What to do when they get too close.

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