New connection

Adding a new connection? Connecting to Waipā Networks is easy. Here’s everything you need to know for your home or business connection.

Our connection process:

Connection fees

All new connections (or installation control point (ICP) connections) incur a connection fee. This helps us cover the costs of building and maintaining our network to ensure that you have a reliable service.

Our team will advise you of any fee related to your new connection.

Why do we charge a connection fee?

Costs are incurred for new and upgraded connections to our network for a number of reasons, including to cover the connection itself, and manage demand on the overall network.

Connections are either ‘standard’ or ‘non-standard’ (usually commercial or industrial connections).

Standard connection

  • The standard rate for connections less than 70kva is $2,372, excluding GST.
  • Your retailer will confirm your connection once you have paid the fee.

Non-standard connection

  • Non-standard connections are ones where the requested load is greater than or equal to 70kva and/or 3-phase 160A for new and upgraded connections. In these cases, the new connection fee is $34 per kva.
  • For example, a 1500kva connection would be charged a Connection Fee of 1500 x $34 = $51,000. This is in addition to any capital contribution costs for the physical connection. 

How long does it take to get connected?

Connection timeframes vary depending on the complexity of the connection. It could range from a couple of days for a simple connection to a few weeks for more complex connections. It is best to apply with as much time available as possible.

To connect to Waipā Networks, fill out an application form: 

Residential connection

This form is to apply for a new residential connection at a property on our network.


Subdivision connection

This form is to apply for a new subdivision connection on our network.


Commercial/industrial connection form

This form is to apply for a new industrial or commercial connection on our network.


If you have any questions about the connection process

Contact us or head to our FAQs