What to do if you don’t have power

Power outages can be disruptive, whether caused by storms, accidents, or planned maintenance. Being prepared can make a big difference. Here are some steps to take if you lose power.

Immediate actions

Check your circuit breakers

Check to make sure the fuses or circuit breakers on your switchboard haven’t tripped. If they have, reset them and see if power is restored.

Check with neighbours

If your neighbours don’t have power, the issue might be with the network. If they do have power, the problem might be within your property.

Report the outage

If it’s not a local issue, report the outage by calling our 24/7 fault line at 0800 800 769.

Staying safe and prepared

Keep a torch or battery-powered lantern handy

These are safer than candles and matches. Make sure you have spare batteries.

Override garage doors

To open your garage door manually, pull the red cable to disconnect it from the electric motor and then open or close it by hand.

Keep devices charged

Charge your devices regularly and keep a spare battery or mobile power pack ready. You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot using your mobile phone if cellular service is available.

Consider a backup generator

Especially if you rely on power for health reasons or business. Ensure it’s properly installed and tested.

Use surge protectors

These can protect sensitive electronics from damage when the power is restored.

Switch off appliances

Turn off computers, TVs, and other appliances at the wall to prevent damage from power surges when electricity returns.

Keep emergency water

If you rely on an electric water pump, have a drinking water supply available. Store water for flushing toilets during planned outages.

Keep fridge and freezer closed

A closed fridge can keep food safe for about 4 hours, and a freezer can maintain temperatures for up to 24 hours. Minimise opening these appliances.

Have the BBQ ready

Top up your gas bottle for your BBQ, just in case you need it.

During the outage

Stay updated

Check our website or social media for updates. We refresh our outage information regularly to keep you informed.

Avoid downed power lines

Stay at least eight meters away from damaged power lines or electrical equipment.

Stay warm and fed

Prepare blankets and warm clothing. Keep your BBQ gas bottle filled and have non-perishable food items on hand.

Medically dependent on power?

Ensure you have a backup plan and consider going to a hospital or another safe place if necessary.

After the power is restored

Check appliances

Turn on appliances one at a time to avoid overloading circuits. If the outage lasted more than a few hours, check your food for spoilage.

Report any issues

If your power still needs to be restored or you experience any issues, contact our fault line again.

By being prepared and knowing what to do during a power outage, you can manage the situation more effectively and keep your home or business safe.

For more information and updates, visit our outages page or contact us at 0800 800 769.