Electrical emergency

Electrical emergency

An electrical emergency is any situation in which there is a risk of electrocution, fire, or injuries due to electrical failure.

In this scenario, you must remain calm.

Dial 111 in an emergency for immediate assistance and/or if you or someone else is in danger or harm.

Non-electrical emergency

For faults or damage to lines or assets that are not causing immediate danger or injury.

Contact us on:

0800 800 769 (24 hours)

Overhead power line or underground cable

If you or someone else hits an overhead power line or underground cable and are not in immediate danger, you must call Waipā Networks on 0800 800 769. If it is an emergency, call 111.

If you are in a vehicle or machine:

  • Remain in your vehicle. The rubber in the tyres will protect you from an electric shock.
  • Call emergency services. If you cannot access a phone, stay put and wait for help.
  • If you are in serious danger, such as a fire, jump far away from the vehicle, landing on both feet to shuffle away. Don’t touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time.

If you are standing nearby:

  • Keep at least 10 metres away from power lines.
  • Keep both feet on the ground and shuffle away. This keeps the voltage even on both feet and minimises the risk of conducting electricity.
  • Do not cover up broken cable or try to fix it yourself. Never touch a power line – every downed line should be treated as if it is live.

If someone receives a shock:

  • If you can, turn off the power source or main switch.
  • Never touch a person if they are still in contact with a live electrical source – you will get an electric shock.
  • Call for help. Dial 111.

If an object is touching the live electrical source:

  • Do not touch the object. Electricity will travel through the objects and cause harm to you.
  • Phone Waipā Networks on 0800 800 769.