Stopping copper theft and keeping our community safe

20 October 2023 | News

Waipā Networks is reaching out to our wonderful community in the Waipā region. We’ve become increasingly concerned about a rise in copper theft. Thieves are targeting crucial earth cables connected to our power poles, and it’s a risk to themselves, our team, and the public’s safety.

We understand the vital role our community plays in keeping everyone safe. By reporting any suspicious activities around our power poles, you’re helping us ensure the security of our network.

We’ve always prioritised public safety, and recent events have heightened our concerns, urging the public to remain vigilant.

If you see any suspicious activity near our equipment or spot individuals working on it who aren’t wearing our uniform or driving our vehicle, don’t approach them. Call the police immediately by calling 111. If you notice missing or damaged equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 800 769.

With your support, we hope to end this dangerous copper theft practice and secure the wellbeing of all connected to our network. Your collaboration is essential in keeping our community safe and thriving.