Travelling with high loads

Moving high loads around our network

A High Load Application form must be filled out for loads over 4.3m in height. Some loads will need to be escorted, and outages may be required. Hence, you must submit your application at least 15 working days before the moving date to allow enough time to assess your application. Once the application is processed, a permit will be issued with any specific conditions you must comply with.

High Load Application

This form is for approval to transport loads over 4.3m in height.

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Details of High Load

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Please give as much detail as possible to help us best plan your route.
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Dimensions of Load


  • Running boards must be fitted to guide cables smoothly over the load.
  • Waipā Networks requires 15 working days' notice for all applications. This allows sufficient time to check all line clearances, provide a quote for any escort & notify customers if any power outages are required.
  • The applicant is responsible for any/all charges related to escorting high loads.
  • All escorted loads will incur time and mileage costs
  • If the total time exceeds four hours, an extra nine hours at normal charge-out will be added to the cost to cover a stand-down period. If you require clarification plea,se contact Waipā Networks.
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