Daffodils aplenty at Waipā Networks

25 August 2023 | News

To recognise Daffodil Day this week, Waipā Networks brought the team’s cafeteria to life with yellow daffodils and delicious yellow goodies.

Daffodil Day is one of New Zealand’s longest-running health campaigns, organised annually by the Cancer Society of New Zealand since 1990.

Donations are used to raise awareness about cancer, promote cancer prevention measures, and raise funds for cancer research, patient support, and education programmes.

Waipā Networks gathered a significant donation to support the lifesaving services the Cancer Society offers.

Make sure you show your support for the New Zealand Cancer Society’s outstanding initiatives. There are many ways you can help. Learn more about how you can help on their website: https://daffodilday.org.nz/fundraise.