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Regulation 17 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 refers to NZ Electrical Code of Practice 34 and States:

(a) “The distance between any live overhead electric line and any part of any mobile plant or load carried shall be "AT LEAST 4.0 meters" unless the operator has received written consent from the overhead electric line owner, allowing a reduced distance."

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Acknowledgement restrictions and conditions

Note: Tick Acknowledgement Type granted and circle the applicable Minimum Approach Distance from the nominated line voltages.
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  Minimum approach distance Without acknowledgment
  230V/400V 11kV 4m
Use of cranes and other machinery near overhead lines 1m 1.5m 4m
Vegetation control – any tree worker zone 0.5m 1.5m 4m
Excavation near strategic underground cables or equipment 1m 1.5m 4m
Other work (as described above) 0.5m 1.5m 4m








As the recipient of this Close Approach Acknowledgment, the holder understands that Waipā Networks has granted permission to perform the work described above with reduced Minimum Approach Distances as specified above. 

It is understood that restrictions/conditions may be identified and safety measures applied. 

The recipient assures that all work will be done per the requirements identified. 

As the recipient of this Close Approach Acknowledgment, the holder shall advise Waipā Networks Field Services Manager (027 4810 403) of the commencement and completion times of work each day covered by this acknowledgment.

General Conditions/Requirements:

  1. This Close Approach Acknowledgement shall be treated as formal notification that Waipā Networks Limited (WNL) has granted permission for a non-electrically competent person (or work party) to work in proximity to WNL’s electrical network with reduced minimum safe approach distances as specified above.

  2. All Power Lines should be treated as “live at all times”. All workers shall observe the Minimum Approach Distances from power lines shown in Section 3. The Minimum Approach Distance is the minimum distance under ideal environmental, weather and working conditions.

  3. This acknowledgement has been granted per the requirements of the Worksafe Good Practice Guidelines Excavation Safety July 2016, the Safety Manual – Electricity Industry (SMEI), NZECP 34 and the Worksafe ACOP Part 2 Maintenance of Trees around Power Lines and under strict observance of any restrictions and conditions specifically identified on this form.

  4. Advice is to be given to the Waipā Networks Field Services Manager (027 4810 403) at the commencement and completion of work each day. Waipā Networks or its agent shall hold a copy of this acknowledgement two days before work commencement.

  5. The Worksite Supervisor is responsible for compliance with all relevant Acts and Regulations and MUST remain on-site at all times while the mobile plant is within 4.0 meters of overhead lines.

  6. A Safety Observer is required when a mobile plant is within 4.0 meters of overhead lines.

  7. This acknowledgement is not transferable to any other company/operator.

  8. This acknowledgement form must always be available for on-site inspection.

  9. Any accidental contact overhead line or underground cable contact MUST be reported to the Network Control Centre immediately.
    Network Control Centre: 07 850 3130
    Waipā Networks Emergency phone number: 0800 800 769

  10. A Warning Notice “WARNING, KEEP CLEAR OF POWER LINES” shall be placed as near as practicable to the mobile plant operator’s position.

  11. If any work involving excavation or interference with land is within 5 meters of a pole or stay wire of an overhead electric line, the work must comply with NZECP 34 section 2; otherwise, consent shall be required in writing from the line owner.

  12. If this acknowledgement is for working close to any Waipā Networks underground cabling, the following additional safeguards are required:

    1. A cable location must be completed before a Close Approach Acknowledge can be given,

    2. Cables are to be exposed before using any mechanical plant, such as a digger.

    3. Safety observers must be appointed.

  13. The maximum allowable period for the issue of a Close Approach Acknowledgement is 30 days. However, where the worksite significantly changes during the work being undertaken (in terms of the location or work conditions) or operator-applied safety measures are applied, the maximum allowable period for the issue of an acknowledgement is 24 hours.

  14. A guide for non-electricity industry employees using mobile plants near power lines is available from the Electricity Engineers Association or Waipā Networks free of charge.

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