In an emergency

Electrical emergency

What to do when power lines have fallen and there’s immediate danger: 

Contact us on:

07 872 0745
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm

Faults: 0800 800 769 (24 hours)

  • Keep at least 10 meters away from power lines.
  • When you’re near a fallen power line, keep both feet on the ground and shuffle away. This keeps the voltage even in both feet and minimises the risk of conducting electricity. 
  • It’s essential that you don’t touch the power line as every downed line should be treated as if it was live. 
  • Do not touch any objects in contact with the fallen line, as electricity can travel through objects and could cause you harm. 

Emergency in a vehicle

  • If you’re in a vehicle, please stay in your car and call emergency services as soon as possible. If you can’t reach your phone, stay put and wait for help!
  • If you need to exit the vehicle immediately, e.g., if there is a vehicle fire or other immediate danger, exit the vehicle by jumping out and landing on both feet.
  • Keep both feet on the ground together and shuffle safely 10 meters away from the downed power line so you are not touching the car and the ground at the same time.