Here’s how to connect to our network or upgrade your existing supply if you’re building a new house or need a new power supply.

New connection fee

From Monday 13 March 2023, we’re introducing a connection fee that applies to all new connections and most upgrades. This covers the upstream costs associated with the new network load. The fee is applied when a new or upgraded ICP connection is requested.

Why are we introducing it?

New and upgraded connections to our network have historically been charged only for the work needed to provide the physical connection and load requirements but not for the increased demand on our overall network. The overall network costs have been charged to all customers, including those already connected. By introducing a connection fee, customers who generate additional demand on our network via a new connection or connection upgrade will contribute to the additional network load.

Standard connection

  • The new standard rate for connections less than 70kva is $2,372, excluding GST.
  • The fee will be charged and must be paid before your Retailer confirms your connection is approved.

Non-standard connection

  • Non-standard connections are ones where the requested load is greater than or equal to 70kva and/or 3-phase 160A for new and upgraded connections.
  • In these cases, the new connection fee is $34 per kva. For example, a 1500kva connection would be charged a Connection Fee of 1500 x $34 = $51,000. This is in addition to any capital contribution costs for the physical connection. 

Our connection process

*Note: Connection Fee effective from Monday 13 March 2023

Electric hot water control

If you have an electric hot water cylinder, chances are you have a Waipā Networks relay on your meterboard, which can switch the hot water off and on as required.

This photo shows a typical relay. If the green switch is on, you have power to your hot water cylinder. If it is off, we have temporarily disconnected it.

A Waipā Networks relay

Switching off your hot water during peak demand on our network is important to manage. We can minimise peak load by switching off your hot water around breakfast and dinner during winter. This helps protect the network and reduces transmission charges.

Your hot water cylinder can be turned off any number of hours during the day. However, we typically switch it off during winter for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. With the storage capacity of our cylinders, customers are likely to stay supplied with hot water.

What’s in it for me?

One of our relays controlling your hot water will reduce your power bill. Customers with a relay will either have an All Inclusive/Combined charge (if they have one meter) or a Controlled charge (if they have more than one meter). Both of these tariffs are cheaper than the Uncontrolled/Anytime rate.
Don’t hesitate to contact your Electricity Retailer to discuss the difference in charges. Feel free to call us with any questions about hot water control.

List of Retailers

Here’s our list of Energy Retailers currently offering pricing plans in our area.

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