Electricity safety

We own and maintain the network of lines and cables that bring electricity to your property. The overhead service line or underground cable that brings power from our network to your property is your responsibility, as well as the electrical wiring in your house.

  • If your service line needs maintenance or has a fault, you must use a Waipā Networks-approved contractor.
  •  You should always use a registered electrician to do the wiring inside your house.

Earth pegs

Earth pegs are essential for your safety. They hold down any electrical faults surrounding your building/property. They do this to reduce the risk of you getting seriously injured. If you see an earth peg, do not touch or go near it. If you think your earth peg is damaged, please contact us. 

Pillar box  

You’ll have a pillar box on your property when connected to Waipā Networks underground cables. You mustn’t touch this box. If you think it’s in a vulnerable location and likely to get damaged or if you notice it is damaged, please call us immediately so we can assess it

Service lines

If youre connected through a service line, your property will not have a pillar box. 

Electrical protection at home

Here at Waipā, we try to keep our network load as low as possible, but sometimes we have an efflux. When these situations occur, there is a chance household appliances that are plugged in could get damaged. 

We suggest you use surge protectors to protect all your household appliances, as they are your assets in the home, examples include your TV, whiteware, computers etc. 

Safety disconnection 

A safety disconnection is when Waipā Networks temporarily disconnects your electrical supply. This can be done for several reasons such as

  1. Bad weather or a power surge
  2. Maintenance on our power lines

Waipā Networks will let your electricity retailer know that your power will be going off if it is a planned outage. They will get in contact with you regarding this.  

If you want to disconnect your power supply temporarily to enable you to carry out the task without posing the risk of being electrocuted by a live electrical supply,

Please call us on:  07 872 0745 / 07 827 4014
Mon – Fri 8am – 4.30pm 

Five simple electrical safety tips for around your home:  

  1.  Don’t put your fingers or any other objects in power sockets. 
  2.  Don’t let metal objects touch a toaster or anything that conducts power. 
  3.  Never allow your children (or anybody else) to climb power poles. 
  4.  Always turn the electrical socket off before plugging something in. 
  5.  Keep electrical cords away from water.