Waipa Networks pays discounts to it’s customers twice a year through their Retailer electricity bill.

Below are some common Questions & Answers relating to our latest (September 2017) discount:

  1. Do I qualify for a Discount?
    If you were physically connected to Waipa Networks and registered with an electricity retailer on and as of 7 September 2017 you qualify for a discount.

  2. How was my share calculated?
    Discounts are calculated based on the electricity usage at your property from July 2016 – June 2017. If you want a detailed description of our discount allocation methodology you can click here.

  3. Why haven’t I got as much as I did last time?
    You haven’t used as much electricity as when the last discount was calculated.

  4. I’ve only recently moved into my current property.  How does this affect my discount?
    Waipa Networks does not maintain a database of customers power use and can only tell how much power has been used at an individual property.  Your discount may be higher or lower than expected depending on how much power was used at your current property before you moved in.

  5. I just left the area – will I get a discount?
    Discounts were credited to accounts on 7 September 2017 (give or take a day or two).  If you were responsible for the electricity account on the day the discount was paid into that account you should have received it.

  6. What wording will show on my account?
    “Waipa Networks Discount”  or similar.