Electric Vehicle Batteries research released

Recently released research shows electric vehicle (EV) batteries are reliable and long-lived. The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) commissioned independent report into electric vehicle batteries, and a guide based on it, will give owners valuable information about their vehicle’s battery. It will also give confidence and be a useful resource for people considering buying an electric vehicle.

The report found:

  1. Electric vehicle batteries are designed to drive and recharge for many years, with high reliability, and may well last the life of the vehicle
  2. Most new electric vehicles have extensive battery warranties, and electric vehicle owners can expect batteries to last well beyond the warranty period
  3. Sudden electric vehicle battery failure is very rare, and more likely is that owners may notice slight degradation over time
  4. There are some simple tips EV owners can follow to maximise the life of their battery

The full report is available at www.energywise.govt.nz/ev  and click on the electric vehicle battery life link in the menu.