Electric Vehicle Charging Comes to the Waipa

Electric vehicles are gaining momentum as more car manufacturers are embracing this exciting new technology. There are many plug-in hybrid electric vehicles available (that are electric but also have a petrol engine available for longer trips) and now we are starting to see pure electric vehicles with ranges of up to 600km starting to appear on the market.

Waipa Networks has partnered with charge.net.nz who are installing public rapid charging stations throughout the country. Most of the time people with electric vehicles will just plug them in at home and charge up overnight. But if you’re out and about or are travelling across the country rapid chargers allow most electric vehicles to be charged to around 80% in only 20-30 minutes.

We've also installed a guest charger at our Harrison Drive depot - so next time you visit us in your EV feel free to top up!


Energy Advanced Charging Stations

The Energy Advanced rapid charge stations for electric vehicles are conveniently located in Cambridge and Te Awamutu.

Both sites are centrally located so drivers can go for a walk or visit a café while their vehicle charges.

The Cambridge Station is at the top end of Victoria Square on Queen Street and the Te Awamutu Station is on Scout Lane as you come into town. See the google maps below for more location information.

Queen Street, Cambridge

Scout Lane, Te Awamutu