What is energy advanced?

The world of electricity supply is changing, with new technologies such as Advanced Meters (a.k.a. Smart Meters), solar generation, battery storage, and electric vehicles and new ways electricity is priced. In 2017 we brought all these new technologies together under a new brand called ‘Energy Advanced’. As an electricity customer, if you want to know about this new technology or electricity pricing you now have an information source that brings it all together with a distinctive Waipa flavour. We started with electricity lines pricing and electric vehicles, but expect to see more added overtime.


With new technologies come new challenges and opportunities, for both electricity customers and Waipa Networks. Whenever you see Energy Advanced (and it’s going to pop up more and more in our Network supply area) you will know what your seeing is something fresh and exciting. You will see it and if something interests you (like the electric vehicle revolution!) then you can find out more about the technology by visiting us online or talking to one of our staff. Because we’re local, we will also be able to advise you on how to make the most of these new technologies.