Network Assets On Your Property

Our electrical equipment is inspected and maintained regularly, so it’s reliable, safe and up-to-date for all our customers. Whenever we do this, we follow strict health and safety protocols. Our trusted contractors will work with you on your property. Here’s how we do it:

  • We’ll let you know if we’re working on your property assets.
  • We have tough health and safety protocols, including hazard assessments.

We understand that you might have your own health and safety protocols. We’ll work with you if you do.

What we ask of you:

  • Please let us know if any obstacles could harm us.  
  • Let everyone on your property know when we’re working on your assets. 
  • Agree and follow all health and safety protocols requested by us and our contractors.
  • Leave a clear path for us or our contractors to work on your assets, e.g. no cars or closed gates.

Hazards we need to know about? 

  • Dogs 
  • Foundations around our assets  
  • Trees 
  • Earthworks 
  • If you have any poisons/dangerous pest control on your property 
  • Slips on your property  
  • If your property has frequent loud sudden noise  

Safety around assets and property

  • Read and comply with all the safety signs on our assets (this is to help you keep safe from electrical accidents).
  • Keep off our assets (please do not touch our assets).
  • Have your trees maintained a safe distance from our assets (4m minimum; for more information on this, click here).
  • Please do not build any foundations around our assets (this is to protect not only you but our assets from not getting damaged).

Planning jobs around your assets  

Please follow safety protocols if you or any contractors plan to do any work/jobs around our assets. Please also refer to our network safety page here.

Contact us  

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your cooperation and work safety around our assets on your property.