Information relating to the Lakewood Embedded Network.


This page contains information relating to the Lakewood Embedded Network located in the Lakewood development in Cambridge.

Lakewood Embedded Network was established to create a micro-grid environment where pricing options can be developed over time that take advantage of the solar generation available on site.
The development is in the final stages of construction however the installation of three solar arrays with a total capacity of 356kW is complete.

Although this Network is owned and operated by Waipa Networks, it is treated as being separate in terms of billing and reconciliation purposes.  Customers with connections in the Lakewood Embedded Network still have Waipa Networks as their lines provider, however are identified as belonging to LAKE (Lakewood Waipa Networks) rather than WAIP (Waipa Networks).

Lakewood Pricing Schedule 1 April 2021

All other functions other than Pricing and Reconciliation for Waipa Networks (WAIP) also apply to Lakewood Waipa Networks (LAKE).


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