If you have an electric hot water cylinder, chances are you have a Waipa Networks relay on your meterboard which has the ability to switch the hot water off and on as required.

The photo below shows a typical relay.  If the green switch is in the ON position you have power to your hot water cylinder.  If it is in the OFF position then it means we have switched power off to your cylinder temporarily.


A Waipa Networks Relay
The ability to turn hot water on and off is important to help us manage our Network.  During peak demand on our Network, typically around breakfast time and dinner time during winter especially, by switching off your hot water it allows us to minimise peak load.   This helps us protect the Network and also lessen our Transpower charges.
There are no maximum number of hours in the day we can switch your hot water cylinder off, but typically we will do this for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening during winter.  Due to the storage capabilities of cylinders it would be unusual for customers to run out of hot water because of our relay control.

What’s in it for me?

If you have one of our relays controlling your hot water then you will have a saving on your power bill. Customers with a relay will either have an All Inclusive/Combined charge (if they have one meter) or a Controlled charge (if they have more than one meter). Both of these tariffs are cheaper than the Uncontrolled/Anytime rate.
Sometimes power bills can be a bit confusing, so if you want to discuss the difference in charges please give your Electricity Retailer a call.
If you have any questions about how hot water control works please give us a call.